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We have Family Values and 

We Value Families

Bald Hills Kindergarten & Preschool is owned and operated by families within your community. 

For over 45 years now, we continue to be an integral part of the community, working in partnership with families to raise happy, healthy and confident children. The current licensees have been operating the Centre for over 10 years and previous to that, were parents of the Centre.

We display our belief in family values by being mindful of the power of family and our community, and we respect the individual choices each family makes to raise their child, whom is an individual in their own right.

Tinchi Tamba  Family Fun Day

We value families by believing in giving that bit extra, beyond ordinary; caring for your child like they are part of our family. We thrive on your child’s well-being and we experience feelings of pride and excitement along with your family, as each child achieves and grows into morally responsible members of our community.

Our licensees personally know from their own experience that in large families, it is not always possible for everyone to agree with each other, but you can certainly learn to respect differences and care for and love someone who is very different from yourself (respecting diversity). We value this family principle.

There are many positive skills you gain from the experience of being a part of a large family. You learn:

  • to find your special and unique quality and learn to respect others for theirs.
  • empathy and compassion by considering needs and feelings of others; seeing and experiencing the impact and consequences of your actions on others
  • to express your feelings if your needs are not being met.
  • to be patient and thoughtful through sharing and waiting.
  • to respect your environment so that others in your family can enjoy the experience also.
  • to be part of something bigger… … a valued member of a larger group.
loving environment

In our Centre family, your child will learn humility, confidence and resiliency as Educators encourage them to be intrinsically motivated to do and be the best they personally can.

We encourage you to come and “feel” the warmth of our Centre.
We are unique and take pride in our loving environment.

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