We are invested in your child's future

We are invested in your child’s future

High priority is placed on continued improvement and reflection of practice, displaying our full commitment to your child’s future.

We are a KidsMatter Centre. We are invested in the emotional wellbeing of your child and family.

Educators follow documents and guidelines that have been designed to promote children’s health, learning and social development.

These are:

  • NQS (National Quality Standards) & NQF (National Quality Framework)
  • Being, Becoming & Belonging - EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework)
  • QKLG (Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines)
  • SEEDS (Social and Emotional Early Development)
building strong connections

We relish the opportunity to continually review our own practices and beliefs. These frameworks and guidelines have given validation and value to what we have known all along – that the first five years of a child’s life is a critically important developmental period and a highly magical time!

Our use of Key Concept Signing aids all children to feel a sense of belonging, thus creating an environment where they are comfortable to explore and expand their skills and knowledge.

Educators and staff are invested to personally learn, attending numerous professional learning opportunities. We are commited to further sharing this knowledge, relfecting with our peers and families on the information gained, improving outcomes for your child and family.  With additional funding through the Long Day Care Professional Development Program, all staff have professional development plans, made in consultation with each individual member, management and our Educational Leader.

invested in learning

Our Centre has had the benefit of a Teacher’s guidance and investment for well over 15 years. Our shared knowledge is sound and well directed, with daily reflections on our planning and practice. We believe that, regardless of your age, there is something to learn each day and we aim to empower every child with a solid foundation for a life-long love of learning so that these opportunities in life are given potential.

Our Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program (the “Tamba” group) is taken by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher that has over a decade of experience in the Early Years industry. We have been pro-actively building strong connections and relationships with the local school for a number of years now and feel we understand what the demands of prep are and how best we can prepare your child for this transition – Being, Becoming and Belonging.

Commitment to our learning environments

As part of the “Tamba” group, you will receive a Developmental Snapshot in written form in Term 2, followed by a Transition Statement half way through Term 4.  This Transition Statement will allow your chosen school to make choices to best position your child for a successful transition to their environment.

As part of the Pre-Kindy group (“Tinchis”), your child’s Educator will use the Early Years Learning Framework to provide a Development Snapshot of your child. This will be provided in written form and distributed to families early in Term 4.

love of learning

These Developmental Snapshots are another opportunity to clearly see how invested we are. Your child’s Senior Educator will share knowledge they have gained from working with your child, creating an additional open platform for any desired discussions on your child’s development and direction.  These Snapshots are shared between Educators as your child transitions from a Tinchi to a Tamba.

We take a holistic approach to curriculum planning and implementation. Part of this approach is to support children to become life-long learners, to encourage their natural curiosity and to scaffold investigative learning.  Our Educators program developmentally appropriate play based experiences that enhance language, physical, social, emotional and early mathematical skills; by using a variety of teaching methods including child focused curriculum, intentional teaching (from observations and family input) and spontaneous play (directed by the children’s interests in the moment).

life long love of learning

We aim to provide every child with an opportunity to further develop into a morally responsible and integrated individual and to help every child fulfill his or her unique destiny. It is also important for children to develop skills that enable them to become confident and resilient risk-takers; thus coping successfully with transitions with which they are faced.

many opportunities

When we visit the local school, one thing that has stood out for many years now, is that we see that a lot of children that have gone through our Centre are holding leadership roles. It fills our hearts with pride that we had the opportunity to make a contribution to their early years and that they have experienced such success in their development.

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