Reflections on our practices

Our educators are informed and inspired by a number of modern child development theorists:

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia way of thinking –

  • that children must be able to exercise autonomy over their learning
  • that children should be allowed to learn experientially; through touching, listening and observing
  • that children are encouraged to articulate their thoughts

We gain inspiration from John Dewey -

  • that education is child-centred, active and interactive
  • that learning is life-long
  • that educators should guide children’s learning, engage children’s minds and work collaboratively with children

We value Bronfenbrenner’s view that –

  • positive relationships with children and their must be fostered

We believe Vygotsky’s view that

  • development is a social process
  • development is influenced through interactions with family, friends and culture
  • children learn with guidance and assistance, in their zone of proximal development

We consider

  • Gardener’s multiple intelligences
  • Parten’s stages of play
  • Bowlby’s attachment theory (accessed 15/9/15)
“Exploring Reggio Emilia” in “Early Horizons” (Vol 4 Issue 1 Autumn 2015)

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