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Extending your home into our safe, secure and loving environment

Bald Hills Kindergarten & Preschool is a safe, secure and loving environment where you and your family will experience positive, respectful and friendly interactions. 

We are licensed to the capacity of a maximum of 44 children daily. 

We create this safe and secure environment by always have the required number of staff to children in attendance. The Centre is committed to a great working environment for our dedicated, professional Educators. Educator and families can feel secure knowing that needs for additional assistance for Educators throughout certain routines of the day is respected and implemented. 

Safe Secure Confident Children

Our Senior Group Leaders and Teachers are mature and experienced Educators that instinctively know how to provide a loving environment. They are mothers from our local community that have been working with completed early childhood qualifications for many years. Educators identify themselves by these words….  maturity, experience, care, love, compassion, diversity, respect. 

Educators will greet, listen and communicate with you daily. We believe in effective communication for the best outcome for your child and family. No concern is too small. 

Senior Educators and Management communicate with each other daily so that we are up to date with your child and family needs and the needs of the Centre, supporting each other with knowledge to empower the implementation of our unique environment. We can quickly consider the individual needs of your child or family and adapt or alter our practices for the best outcome.  

Environment with genuine care and love

Consistency and dedication of Educators and staff allow us to personally know and understand your child so that we can cater to and meet their individual needs with genuine care and love. 

Our Educators are family orientated professionals, who largely work on a part time basis. This means that relief staff can 99% of the time be a regular member of staff, that both you and your child know and can feel safe and secure with. 

Our Educators undertake Child Protection Training and hold current First Aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis certificates. We have Protocols on Child Protection matters.  We undertake OHS duties daily, monthly and quarterly. Our playground is checked thoroughly for hazards before children use the area. Planned experiences are undertaken after a risk assessment has been conducted and considered. 

Educators will not release your child to an unknown persons without checking their information with their drivers license.  We understand we have “precious cargo” and we take this responsibility very seriously, ensuring your child is always safe in our care. As a small Centre, additional authorised collecting persons are quickly known to our regular, consistent staff.

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