Tamba Kindergarten Group

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What a busy, busy time we are having in our Tamba group!  We currently have a number of "projects" and areas of interest running.

We have enthusiastically worked on our Fathers' Day presents and cards (and we hope the seeds grow into beautiful sunflowers to share with our fathers and special people!)

We are working on our long-term costume creation project.  This idea stemmed from the community Book Week dress up events.  The children are discussing, planning, recording, measuring, cutting, drawing, sharing, viewing, glueing, painting, waiting, creating, thinking, reflecting....... 

Our interest in pirates continues.  We have been busily making 'treasure' to fill our treasure chest, playing with our 'group-built' boat and planning what we might be able to do with our treasure.

While playing outside recently, we discovered that one of our sandpit toys "sounds like a band" and this led to spontaneous creation of musical instruments using various toys.  We then used our commercially produced musical instruments and considered how we could make our own instruments out of various resources we have at kindy. This is another of our ongoing experiences that the children are involved in (and would love to tell you about).

All of these experiences allow the children to extend their growth, development and school readiness skills in personally meaningful ways - fine motor skills (cutting, drawing, writing, etc), gross motor skills (moving, running, sitting, balancing), active learning skills (numeracy, literacy, concentration, persistence, involvement), personal skills (identity, sense of agency, sense of humour, enjoyment), interpersonal skills (sharing, turn taking, respect, interacting, acceptance), communication skills (talking, writing, drawing, listening)

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