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The incredibly wonderful firefighters at Eatons Hill Fire Station came for a visit recently.  It was very exciting, with an emergency taking priority in the morning - and they scooted off with sirens going.  What heroes they are - it was the second traffic incident they would attend that morning.

They kindly returned and they talked about calling 000 (zero zero zero) in an emergency. They dressed in their fire fighting gear and talked about what to do in a fire.

Their messages to families were:
1.   If you live in a rural area or that skirts a rural area - now is the time to prepare for the fire season by cleaning your gutters etc.  They suggested that if you didn't know what to do, then check out their website or just simply call in to your nearest fire station and have a chat to the friendly firefighters there.
2.   Make sure your smoke detectors are in working order - batteries changed every April Fools Day along with regular monthly checks.

There is some very important information on keeping your family safe through the links below, accessing both Qld Fire & Emergency Services pages and other Qld Government information on safety planning.

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