Family orientated care within a community minded, family owned childcare setting

At Bald Hills Kindergarten & Preschool we believe in the holistic welfare of children and families and a holistic approach to education and care.  

For over 45 years, Bald Hills Kindy has been operating as part of the community. We believe this is a testimony to our success in providing quality early childhood education. We are a family owned and community minded centre.   


We run a Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Qld Government Approved Kindergarten Program and have limited spaces for school aged care through state school holiday periods.

Children aged between 18 months through to school aged can experience our excellence in care, thus empowering each child with a solid foundation for the love of learning and launching them on a lifelong educational journey. Our staff are dedicated to providing children with an active learning environment through educational experiences.

We take a holistic approach to curriculum planning and implementation.  Part of this approach is to support children to become life-long learners, to encourage their natural curiosity and to scaffold investigative learning.  Our Educators program developmentally appropriate play based experiences that enhance language, physical, social, emotional and early mathematical skills. 


We aim to provide every child with an opportunity to further develop into a morally responsible and integrated individual and to help every child fulfill his or her unique destiny. It is also important for children to develop skills that enable them to become confident and resilient risk-takers; thus coping successfully with transitions with which they are faced.

Each Senior Educator (Teacher/Group Leader) designs a play-based program, based on a variety of teaching methods including child focused curriculum, intentional teaching (from observations and family input) and spontaneous play (directed by the children’s interests in the moment).  Educators work to create an active learning environment, keeping children stimulated in a program that is suited to the age, needs, interests and strengths of the children.  

active learning environment

We value the notion of childhood being the most precious and magical time, 

where children are empowered 

with a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

© Bald Hills Kindergarten & Preschool 2016
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