Agency of the child

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Our senior educators recently participated in a professional development opportunity presented by ACECQA (Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority).

The topic was AGENCY OF THE CHILD.

Our Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline tells us about the importance of promoting children’s agency and providing opportunities for children to influence their environment.

Agency is “being able to make choices and decisions, to influence events and to have an impact on one’s world” (EYLF pg 45). 

Our educators understand and value the importance of “agency” within the lives of children, within our daily programmes and within our service ethos.  We consistently undertake critical reflection to promote children’s agency and their sense of agency.


Here is a few strategies and practices which we use to ensure children have agency within our service –

> Educators are responsive to children’s ideas and input

> Children are given choice and support regarding rest and sleep requirements

> Progressive morning tea and lunch routines with flexible times

> Child access to resources and materials

> Participation in gardening experiences

> Participation in tidying up routines

> Flexibility within centre schedule to allow for meaningful involvement in learning experiences

> Children are views as competent and active learners

> Time allowed for children to experiment with strategies to resolve conflict, problem solve, negotiation, make decisions

> Independence in hygiene routines promoted

> Supporting children to become increasingly responsible for their own belongings

> Scaffolding safe risk-taking

> Participation in ‘real-life’ tasks and responsibilities

Empowering children to voice their personal views, needs and emotions. 

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